Learning to Trust Your Own Psychic Ability and Intuition

One of the biggest obstacles many people face as they learn how to become psychic and tap into their own intuition is learning to trust themselves and their ability. Trusting yourself can certainly be hard to develop as we tend to second-guess every feeling, belief or psychic experience. You may find yourself asking, “Is this real?” “Am I imagining this?”

Psychic Ability

Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle: Doubt

This is a challenge you must overcome to develop intuition and psychic ability as this self-doubt can destroy psychic awareness, along with other possibilities.

Many of us are taught as children or adults, either by a parent, teacher or even a spouse, to doubt these intuitive feelings. Many times, we are instructed to ask someone else for answers and trust in them.

Something you must realize is no one can know you the way you know yourself and you must learn to trust your intuition.

Keeping a Journal

Some people find it helpful to keep a journal as they first journey to unlock psychic intuition. A journal about your psychic awareness is a place where you can store your visions, dreams, feelings, thoughts and your guesses and it’s helpful to review it every week to discover just how accurate your intuition is becoming over time. You will see for yourself how your psychic intuition is growing and learn to trust in your innate gift.

Guided Meditation or Meditation

Another thing that will help you increase your awareness is meditation, which may be practiced on your own or through guided meditation, in which a guide helps you through the process and takes you on an inner journey to uncover and develop intuition and other gifts.

Meditation helps us still our mind and learn focus. Focusing your mind will also help you discover the difference between self thoughts and non-self thoughts, which are simply psychic impressions we receive. Self thoughts, on the other hand, are those doubts we have been conditioned to have about everything.

Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult and it also offers other benefits, including stress reduction. Aim for 10-20 minutes of meditation every day and learn to trust in your own psychic awareness.

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