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The name may make it seem like Hollywood Psychics is connected to the stars or caters to them particularly, but it’s really just a reference to the kind of style and glamour they try to evoke.

So, are the Hollywood trappings just a smokescreen for poor service and inaccurate readings or does the service have something really great to offer? We’re going to take a look at this psychic service for you and give you the answers.Hollywood Psychics

What Kind of Services Does Hollywood Psychics Offer?

The services that Hollywood Psychics offer are a bit more limited than competing services. They don’t offer the same robust options as many other companies do, but they do cover all the basics. They can provide you with tarot readings, relationship advice, dream interpretations and astrology readings.

If they have what you are looking for, and you are happy with their rates and readers, then they can be a good choice for you. The search options on their site are great at helping connect you to the right kind of psychic for your needs. Just tell them what you are looking for, and they will find you a reader who specializes in that kind of reading.

How Accurate and Trustworthy Are They?

Hollywood Psychics fits somewhere in the middle of the many psychic services out there. They provide generally accurate results, as far as most customers are concerned. If you read the reviews people have written about them, then you can see that they are usually favorably reviewed. Like any psychic service, theirs is not 100% accurate, and the accuracy varies from one psychic to the next.

Unfortunately, you cannot search their site by psychic. So, if you found one that you like and were happy with their reading, you can’t really connect with them again regularly for more readings. You just have to go with whoever the site finds for you. This can make it frustrating to find reliable psychics, but it does allow you to experience a wider range of psychics than you might as you use the service repeatedly.

How It Works

Hollywood Psychics offers both chat and phone readings. That gives you some choices and allows you to find the right kind of service for your needs. If you aren’t happy with the reading you get and its accuracy, then you can be partially refunded.

You won’t be refunded for a whole package deal, if you aren’t satisfied with your reading in any way, but you can be refunded for the first few minutes. That’s actually a good offer, if you just want to test out the service and find out in the first few minutes if it is right for you. Many times, people can tell quickly rather a psychic service is going to work as well for them or if they just don’t mesh well with the psychic assisting them.

The Cost

Like most psychic services, Hollywood Psychics charges $1 per minute to start with. You can pay per minute as you go or buy a package deal for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. With the package deals, you get an additional three minutes free, so you can save some money, if you feel like spending that much up front.

If you talk for very long on the pay per minute plan, then you will start paying about $2.29 per minute. This can add up quickly. Which is why we suggest one of the smaller packages to begin with. That way, you can vet the service and determine if they are right for you before you start spending a lot of money.

The Verdict

Hollywood Psychics is neither the best or worst psychic service out there. You can often find better deals on readings and have an easier time of finding reliable psychics every time if you go elsewhere, but they do have some great psychics on staff. They also take time to interview every psychics they use, trying to weed out obvious scammers.

That means their overall reliability can be better than some of the competition, but you are still taking a chance with them. Fortunately, their satisfaction guarantee makes them a generally safe bet, and you aren’t risking much by giving them a shot. We would recommend Hollywood Psychics to anyone who is on the fence about them.

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