Psychic Ability: Who Has It?

I find the topic of psychic ability to be a fascinating one. Many traditional cultures that believe in the forces of nature and have a system of Shamanism believe and utilize psychic abilities as part of their daily practices.

When you look at the definitions of what psychic is, or what being a psychic is, there is one common idea that runs through the definitions. That idea is that the person has super normal capacities way beyond what is believed to be within “normal” range of perceiving information.

If one looks at psychic ability with a realistic view of the it, without the sensationalism associated with being psychic; it is a person who has a sensitivity to perception beyond the range of what the average person has or uses. This definition is quite within the realm of my reality and belief system.

We all have intuition, what some call a sixth sense. Have you ever had a little voice that said don’t cross the street yet and a car comes out of nowhere even though you had the light? Well, that is our sixth sense. Something out side of our selves warns us and we listen. Psychic ability is a developed sixth sense that can be fine-tuned to work when we want it to. We have culturally been trained to ignore the sixth sense as hog wash. Psychic ability is founded on the idea of heightening one’s sixth sense to the point where it is fully active, and where we fully trust its preciseness.

There are different types of psychic abilities. Some signs that one is using their psychic ability is with things like when the phone rings and you already know who it is. You know what someone is about to say before they say it. Your gut tells you something that turns out to be right. You get an unexplainable urge to do something or go somewhere and when you get there it was the right thing to do.

You feel the presence of “something” outside of yourself guiding you. For better or worse you always feel a higher purpose to a situation that you are involved in. You have an inner voice that guides you. If these things occur to you on a daily basis those are indications of psychic ability. Too often because of the media we think we have to see a ghost coming through the ceiling or experience a horrible phenomena to be psychic.

Here are some basis characteristics when considering ones psychic ability and where they fall into. The first would be an intuitive. An intuitive is a person who receives information based on their intellectual capacity. They use their logic to come to conclusions or to give out information that is correct. A psychic person has abilities like ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). This kind of psychic ability tunes into energy out side of the person’s own body to receive information. A Medium has both the intuitive and psychic perception developed and utilizes both.

In addition to intuitive and psychic ability a medium also can tune into other realms to receive knowledge. The most common form of mediums we see today are those that communicate with the dead. To a medium the dead live in another world that the average person cannot see but they have some access to through their ability to connect with.

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