Guide to Astrology, Numerology, and Horoscope Readings


Everything in existence is energy. Even stones, grass and soil are energy. Energy moves on sound waves called frequency. To understand better what I’m going to explain, go to YouTube and pull up binaural beats. Select one and, using headphones, listen to one. Binaural beats work on frequencies. One frequency is recorded on the left side and one on the right. They come in and out of range as is natural. The sound they make at the same time they reach the same place in the range is the binaural beat. Guide to Astrology, Numerology, and Horoscope Readings

Your mind works on left and right sides. Everyday knowledge is controlled by the right brain. The left is dedicated to the spiritual. In order to understand astrology, numerology and a horoscope, you must understand the left side of your brain. It is there that the energy will approach you and it is there that you will understand its meaning.

When the planets hit us with their energy they move on a certain frequency. Astrology is the science of understanding the energies and the frequencies along which they move. A horoscope is written by an astrologer who explains how the energies will affect us. Numerology is the assignment of those energies to numbers. With those numbers, the aspects, angles and degrees of the planets are configured. Astrology determines what energies will affect what frequencies.

Psychic readings work the same way. A psychic will ask you for the numbers in your life such as date and time of birth plus age. These numbers are representations of energies such as compassion, understanding, love, ambition, balance, justice or dreams. They psychic will tell you what characteristics these energies describe in your life. .

Many people think astrology, horoscope readings and numerology are mumbo-jumbo. They are actually founded on the most ancient and strict of scientific tenets as described by Pythagoras in the 6th century BC. The energies of the universe have been understood since pre-recorded history. The practice of these sciences have basis in ancient knowledge. In fact, science is now beginning to understand quantum physics and how the energies work.

For those who believe everything is One, readings by astrologers and psychics teach how to project into the universe the correct energies for optimal good. This is how distance healers use the frequencies and the energies. Horoscope readings tell us what energies are active in our lives in addition to telling us when we are learning the correct lessons and when we’re barking up the wrong tree. Numerology teaches us which numbers represent what energies and we are able to use them for our highest good.

The binaural beats were formulated using numbers. They are energy. They come to us on a frequency. They affect us in various ways such as healing, meditation and relief from sadness. Had they been based in something other than numbers, the characteristics they represent would have been better understood by the right brain.

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