Evidential Mediumship

What is it? What is the goal of it?

The goal of evidential mediumship is to provide evidence that there is life after the physical passing.

 Evidential Mediumship

The purpose is to provide comfort and to provide healing. It is to give a connection to Spirit and give people faith that there is life after the physical passing. Before meeting, I meditate and connect with my guides and teachers. When I first meet with a client, I tune into their energy field and say a prayer for that what happens in the session be for the client’s highest good and greatest joy.

I am clairsentient which means I feel the energy of those around me. I feel the energy of their character and of their personality. I can tell you what type of person they are and what he/she was like to be around. I am also clairvoyant, which means I can see the Spirit. I can see how tall or short they are and what they dress like (casual, formal…), their mannerisms, etc. I can see them in their work environment and I can also see them in their home environment.

I used to close my eyes and see all this, but now I am able to “see” with my eyes open. I may close my eyes from time to time and that is just to see a clearer picture of what they are showing me. Sometimes I ask them to put something in my hand. I tell you, the client who the Spirit is and on what side of the family they are from, whether it is your mom’s brother, your dad’s uncle or your grandma. I tell you experiences and memories that you had with the person who passed. I tell you where they were from. I describe some events that happened in the home.

All the time, another family member will join in as well. I ask them a lot of questions like if they had pets, what they did for a profession, how they passed, how old they were when they passed, their hobbies, etc… I encourage questions from you during the session. This session is for you. I am always happy to turn over the role of “the journalist”.  Messages always come through. The message is usually for you, but sometimes the message is for someone else in your family. The messages range in topic from health to finances to career to home or family

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