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space clearing

Space clearing can be for a large space or a small space. It can be for an indoor area or an outdoor area. Please call with details and I can give a price quote depending on the details. For example, the price for a two bedroom house will be cheaper than for a 300 room hotel.

I first became aware of dark energies and earthbound spirits when I was nine. I newly attended a Catholic school and every Friday the whole entire school class went to Mass. It felt so bad for me to go into the church which was a Mission and I had always excused myself to sit outside. I had been attending Mass at many other churches for many years and I never felt this feeling I had inside like I did when I went into that particular Mission.

The yucky feeling I had in me when going inside that mission became very familiar as time went by. When my family and I went on vacations, I would often feel the same bad feeling in Historic places. I came to later realize what the feeling was and it was that of earthbound spirits.

When I was a young adult, I went back to the same mission and the horrible feeling that I remembered was gone. The energy was cleared. I also later read that many people died in that mission during wartime. I was happy to know that the energy was cleared and I became interested in knowing how it happened. In 2005, I took my first class on Space Clearing and learned how to not only clear dark energies, but also earthbound spirits.

Earthbound Spirits are Spirits who didn’t know how to move into the light because of the nature of their death. They stayed on this earthplane, where it is very uncomfortable to be without a body. Sometimes, I think the bad, yucky feeling I have when there is an earthbound Spirit around me is the same feeling that they must be feeling.

In clearing spaces with Earthbound Spirits, I approach them with love and respect. At the time of their death, I think they must have been confused. There was some reason why they did not right away go into the light. I ask that their close family and friends come forward for assistance. I ask the archangels for assistance to move them into the light. The process is more lengthy, but it always works.

I feel the shift in energy as the space is cleared and I feel a celebration on the other side as they are greeted into the light. In all this, I am in an altered state. I go deep in meditation where I am able to transcend space. I am able to be in the space that is requiring the healing. I am able to see the energy in all the areas and spaces.

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