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Originally spiritual mediation was an aspect of religious practice often giving enlightenment to the practitioner. It has come to the Western Hemisphere by way of the Far East mainly India, China and Japan. Spiritual Meditation can be found however throughout the world in various cultures as part of their practices as well. Although the origins of spiritual meditation are religious many people practice it for the health benefits it has.

Spiritual Meditation quiets the mind, emotions and the body. It connects us with a divine source within and outside of ourselves. It is a space of solitude that removes us from all activities and expands ones mind into a larger source. When one becomes more experienced at spiritual meditation one looses all sense of time and space, almost becoming one with the universe.

Some forms of spiritual mediation are taught by a master. One attends classes to learn the proper breathing and focusing techniques. One of the five principles of Yoga is meditation. It is one of the spiritual fundamentals in Yoga. The first thing that is taught in spiritual mediation is the idea of concentration. One has to learn how to concentrate in order to turn off the endless stream of thoughts that bombard us and concentrate on the moment at hand only.

There are different ways to channel focus. One such technique that yoga beginners learn is what is called Bodyscan meditation. In this spiritual meditation exercise we scan every part of our body with our whole being. Every time our mind strays we are re-focused on the body part we are supposed to be concentrating on giving it full attention. With this technique we learn to feel all the bodies sensations as we take our body journey. Another spiritual mediation exercise is steering ones breath through ones body.

With this exercise in addition to focusing on your breathing you also focus on various body parts as well. All instructional levels of people who meditate do this type of spiritual mediation exercise. You should be under a supervised practitioner if you do not know how to breathe properly or are just learning. Once you master these two types of exercises you can advance to true spiritual meditation in Yoga. One such form is called flame meditation. In this type of spiritual meditation a candle flame is used as the focus point.

This type of mediation is done in a dark environment with the candle flame 25 to 30 centimeters from ones face. Every time your mind wanders you focus back to the candle without judgment. A session can last from 5 to 45 minutes. When you extinguish the flame you can visualize the flame inside of your eyelids. This helps keep negative vibrations at bay.

One last form of spiritual meditation I will touch on is Mantra meditation. You can use any sound, word or sentence in repetitions, without focusing on anything but the sound. This is the most popular type of meditation for beginners.

More advanced forms of spiritual meditation involve certain poses, and levels of consciousness to achieve a level of supreme bliss called Nirvana. Mandala’s which are symbols representing the Cosmos whose center is an energy source is used as a power generator visually for spiritual meditation. There are different Mandala’s for different things.

Most practitioners of some form of meditation all feel the health benefits from regular meditation practice. Everyone who finishes a session of meditation says they feel more relaxed and peaceful throughout their whole body and psyche. It calms them down and takes them away from the daily stresses that they have to face. It even makes one approach the stresses in a calmer fashion. But that comes with practice.

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