Understanding Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a method of treating disease by spiritual means. This contrary to what most people think does not mean you cannot be treated by conventional means as well. Many people today when facing illness or treating illness have a more holistic view of treatments in relation to illness. This includes the practice of spiritual healing.
The healer transmits energy from a source outside of themselves to the people in need of the spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is also called shamanistic healing or psychicSpiritual Healing healing. The healing usually occurs through the hands of the healer.

This can be with our without actual physical contact. In Reiki, which is a form of spiritual healing the Reiki practitioner uses their hands as the energy transmitter. The spiritual healing energy can be beamed at a distance. The Reiki practitioner fills their hands and the air with Reiki energy and through their will visions and thoughts are send it the target that needs healing. There are healers that lay their hand on you and pray for your health. Through their hands comes healing energy as well.

You don’t need to have a healer necessarily to receive spiritual healing. It is said that the power of prayer regardless of one’s religious back round is a powerful spiritual healing tool. The main reason across the board regardless of the religion is that the power of prayer works in spiritual healing ones self.

The person praying is tuning into a higher divine energy outside of them selves and asking for healing. Spiritual healing cranks up the body’s natural healing mechanism back into action by stimulating one’s own energy force field and aligning it with a divine energy.

Usually in a Spiritual Healing session the healer first scans your body and aura to assess psychically your state of health and where the illness lies. Through the healers hands energy is emitted to unlock blockages that prevent healing rays from entering the sick persons body. Once the blockages are opened up the healing rays can come in. Sometimes a person will still be sick after a spiritual healing session.

But you may notice a change in their attitude towards their illness. They may be sick but appear more empowered. This is also a type of healing. Also you see a dying individual who has had spiritual healing at total peace. They are ready to go into the next world without fear. This is a spiritual preparation as well and just as important as a healing experience.

The power of the mind plays an important role in spiritual healing. If you have faith in the process it will help to heal. It’s as simple as that. If you are resistant from the beginning to the end in a spiritual healing session it will not work because your mind is blocking the energy. During spiritual healing treatments one can actually feel heat coming from the healers hands.

In addition when one is being touched by a healer, they can feel things like a drawing sensation, tingling, pins and needles and even light headed. Afterwards one feels very peaceful and even sleepy. This is an indication that there was some divine energy utilized.

I am of the belief that there is always more than one way to skin a cat. I believe there is no conflict between going to a doctor and utilizing one’s spiritual beliefs to maintain ones health. I do it for my family and myself all the time.

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