Tarot Cards—What Do The Cards Mean?

When it comes to the tarot cards there are 78 different cards in a deck. Each one of these cards has a different meaning. When you have a card tarot reading the cards that are pulled out of the deck will give insight into your personal situation.

But, you want to have an idea of what each card tarot means before you go for a reading so you at least know a bit of what is going on. Keep in mind that there are three types of card tarot including the major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and the Court Cards.

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A basic description of a tarot cards from each of the three categories will help you better understand what a card tarot is, and how it can tell you about your future.

The Magician is a Major Arcana tarot cards and it is probably the most recognizable of all the cards. It displays the infinity symbol, is red and white, displays a small sword and wand, as well as a pentacle. If anyone can recognize one card tarot the Magician is it. Basically, when this card tarot shows up in a reading it is there to tell the individual that they may experience a vision of their greatest desire.

An important thing to know about the minor Arcana tarot cards is that it may be either one of four suits. These suits are wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. The wands represent fire which when it shows up during a card tarot meaning it means passion. Cups represent water and it is a card that reveals emotion.

This may relate to one’s love life or else relate to extreme emotions. The swords represent air which means to the reader that there is something going on with words or thoughts. The card tarot Pentacles represents earth, which means anything having to do with the physical body, money, and luck.

The court cards also play a special role in a card tarot reading. The court cards consist of the pages, kings, knights, and queens. The page card tarot almost always represents children, but where children aren’t involved it may represent an alter ego. King card tarot represents the beginning and the end. When something is about to start or finish the king card tarot is sure to show up. The knights represent travel or movement. So any trips or moves will be show with the knight card tarot. The queen card tarot represents reality and development or growth. This may related to a career, romance, or anything else that might become your reality.

The basic explanation of some of the tarot cards will help you understand a little better what they mean and how they affect your reading. When you are having a card tarot reading it is nice to know some of the basic meanings of the cards so you have more faith in what the reading is telling you.

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