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Tarot cards come in 78 units within a single deck, and each card will have its own special meaning. When a tarot reading is performed with the cards, they will give insight into various things about your personality and life. However, to understand the significance of these cards, you must first understand what they all mean.

The tarot cards can be broken down into three large categories, and these are Court Cards, Major Arcana, and Minor Arcana. By understanding all three of these card categories, you will learn more about tarot cards, and you will also learn more about your own future. One of the most well known cards is the Magician. This card falls under the Major Arcana card category.

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The Magician card will showcase the infinity symbol, and it should have a red and white color. It should also show an image of a pentacle, sword, and wand. Even people who are not familiar with tarot cards generally recognize the Magician. If this card should shows up in your reading, it is a sign that you may have a vision that comprises your most intense desires.

The minor Arcana tarot cards may be one of four suits. The four suits are swords, pentacles, cups, and wands. The wands will symbolize fire, and if it is shown during your reader, it is connected to fire and passion. The cup suit is used to denote water, and this card is directly connected to emotion.

The cup card is generally connected to a love for someone, or emotions which are intense. The sword suit is used to symbolize air, and this is a sign that there is some issues in your thoughts. The pentacles tarot card is used to represent the Earth, and it is also connected to things such as money, fortune, or the physical body.

The court cards are also important when it comes to tarot reading. The court cards will be comprised of queens, kings, pages, and knights. A page tarot card will be used to denote children, and if there are not children available, it may also deal with an alter ego. The king tarot card is used to denote the beginning as well as the conclusion.

If something is about to begin or finish in your life, the king tarot card may be present at your reading. The knight tarot is used to symbolize travel. If you are about to take a trip or move to a new place, the knights tarot card may be present at your reading. The queen card is used to denote reality, and this card is also used to symbolize growth.

This could be the growth of your job or anything else that is connected to your reality. Understanding the basic tarot cards will give you an idea of what they mean when they are presented to your during a reading. Tarot cards have been a popular form of fortune telling for thousands of years, and they are still popular today.

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