Spiritual Guide: Our Guardian Angels

Is a term that is used in Western spiritualist belief systems to describe a spiritual entity out side of the body that acts as a protector or counselor to a living being. In non-western traditional spiritually orientated societies, it is quite natural to interact with spiritual bodies that reside outside of a human being.

Western psychics and mediums believe that a spirit guide is a person who has lived many times and has paid their karmic debts. Their souls have gotten to the point where they do not need to reincarnate any further. In addition it is viewed, as well, that a guardian angel (which non-western belief systems also have), is one of these karmically evolved spirits that is given a living being to watch over. This applies to other planets and universes as well. Many psychics believe that it is god and us together who choose these entities to watch over us before we come to earth.

In Gnostic religious faiths through out the world it is believed that you and your guide pre plan your life before coming here, on the other side (another dimension we can not see but where our spirits go before birth and after death) as we call it. It is said before the spirit becomes a guide it has to have had one earthly life prior so it can understand human trials and tribulations. Spirit guides can look many ways. They can look like people we culturally associate with or ones we have no connection with what so ever.

There are many techniques to contact one’s spirit guide. The most common is visualization. In addition to visualization people meditate, go in to a trance state, astral travel or lucid dream in order to contact their spirit guide.

There may be times when we may be in danger. It is in these cases our spirit guides may make their presence known to us to guide us away from the danger. Other than an emergency spirit guide many only talk to you when you ask for assistance. They will serve you but not step in without you asking first.

Spiritually the more we become developed and able to raise our frequency by tuning into other realms, the more our spirit guide aligns themselves with us. There are lower spirits in lower frequencies but they are not spiritual guides, they are non-evolved spiritual entities. They are best ignored and eventually they disappear if you don’t tune into their energy at all.

The purpose of the spirit guide is to assist with your souls development of enlightenment. Therefore, if you ask your Spirit Guide to help you with something that they don’t think is in your best interest they may question you as to why you want to do it and explain that it may not benefit you on your life path. Once you say you want help anyway they will help you if that is what you really want. Their love is said to be unconditional, for better or worse.

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