Increase Your Psychic Powers With These 3 Techniques

Enhanced psychic powers can give you an incredible advantage in life. It enhances the quality of choices you make. It gives you an edge in knowing the truth of who a person is or what they are doing. It also gives you power to communicate and influence the mind of others.

Increase Your Psychic Powers

It also allows you to know and see more than the average person. For all these reasons you can never go wrong when it comes to developing your psychic powers.

The more mental techniques a person practices the stronger and more powerful their psychic abilities become. While there are many different mental techniques which can enhance your psychic powers; at the base of them all are three main keys which must be developed. If you can practice and master these mental techniques your psychic abilities will continue to grow at an astounding rate.


Here are The 3 Psychic Power Techniques

Enhanced Psychic Perception

Have you ever played the, what if game…? You do that by pretending to be something else. Using the imagination you envision yourself as something completely different than yourself. For example you may imagine yourself living as a completely different person, looking like and experiencing all that other person has.

You can also imagine yourself as a child, a bird, a house or anything you choose. Doing this broadens your perception and gives you an understanding from an angle that is not your everyday perspective.

You will find that when you open your awareness to a different perception you mind stretches not only in understanding but what is possible. The psychic mind depends on this higher, wider awareness. That is what psychic powers is all about, being aware of the extraordinary.

This shifting of perspective will also help enhance your interpretation of psychic impressions when they come to you. You see if your perspective is a limited one based only on your day to day experiences, when psychic information comes you won’t be able to fully comprehend it. Practicing a shift of perspective also helps you in receiving higher, more creative and magical ideas.

Sensing Energy 

Your ability to sense energy depends on fine tuning your senses to finer energies. Energy is at the heart of receiving psychic impressions. When you pick up thoughts from others you are attuning yourself to thought energy. Being able to use your mind to receive information on an event that is happening in another place requires that you are able to feel and sense those energy frequencies as well.

Here is one technique to help you in enhancing your ability to sense psychic energy. Allow yourself to get into a quiet undisturbed space for 20 minutes. Close your eyes, then go as deeply into your mind as you can. Get as centered as possible by quieting all the mental chatter.

After you have relaxed your mind start with your hearing; listen to every sound in the room.

Then shift your hearing to outside of the room as far as you can pick up on sound. See if you can hear sound five blocks away. Now bring your attention back to yourself, bring your mind back into your body. Can you hear any sound inside of your body?

Incorporate your imagination strongly into this technique. Imagine that you do have supersonic ears which can pick up on every single sound.

You may imagine your ears being bigger or becoming some high powered sensitive instrument which can pick up sound far away. Next enhance the perception of sound at a distance by amplifying it as if it is very near to you.


Mental Concentration 

Another technique which will surely enhance your psychic powers is your ability to concentrate the mind on a single point. For several reasons mental concentration is very important. Sensing energy requires that you hold your mind in a clear receiving state long enough to feel the energy.

When you transfer thought impression through mental telepathy your mind also needs to be a single targeted point. Also being able to see visions require that you hold your mind in a clear receptive state to see with your psychic eyes what is happening. To do that you absolutely need to concentrate until the image unfolds before you.

Here is one way to practice strong mental concentration.

Grab an item in your surroundings which is of interest to you. Using your imagination pretend that this item is the only thing in your line of vision. Bring all of your focus to it. Look at the details of this item. Look at its shape, size, texture, color. Amplify your awareness of each and every feature.

Then rotate the item in your mind and see if you can find any other features that you did not notice before.

Now think about the function of this item. How is it used, when is it used and how?

Now close your eyes and try to recreate this item in your mind with as much clarity as you can. As you bring all the details to your mind make the image grow brighter and brighter. You have now created strong mental focus with this item.

You can practice this mental technique for increased psychic powers at least 5 times throughout the day, taking no more than 5-10 minutes at a time.

Developing your psychic powers takes mental training. The more you practice exercising the mind the stronger your mental powers will get. Make these exercises fun, do them at short intervals throughout your day. You will discover that your ability will grow more quickly this way.

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