Analysis of a Dream – How to Decode Your Dreams

Dream analysis can be a bit intimidating for many people. Because dreams seem to come in fragments they may seem not to make any sense at all to your rational thinking mind. However dream analysis is sort of easy. It’s a lot like decoding a game or fitting pieces of a puzzle together. The more you practice analyzing your own personal dream symbols the better you get at doing it.


The idea in analyzing your dreams is to keep in mind that no one else can analyze your dreams for you. Your dreams are a personal reflection of what is going on within you. Whether you believe that your dreams come from a creation of your mind or you believe as some mystics do that dream are an extension of reality they are yours.

A great number of people rely on dream books to assist them in understanding their dreams. However there is a huge flaw in using someone else’s idea to interpret something that is personal to you. A dream book cannot speak for everyone in general.

Two separate people may experience a bird flying towards them in a dream. To one person that bird may symbolize freedom, a change in their life or a sign to take off and fly away from a particular problem. However to the second person the bird may symbolize an attack, an inner fear of movement.

Here are a few keys you should always put in your dream analysis tool kit.

  • Your dream symbols are closely linked to how you feel. So your feelings in relation to the dreams are extremely important in your interpretation. If you see yourself flying in a dream ask yourself how you felt in the dream. Did you feel free or scared? When you are not asleep what does flying make you feel? You will realize that in or out of the dream your feelings are usually the same?
  • Was the dream in color or black and white? A colored dream would represent a situation in which you have a lot of awareness. If there is an issue that you are strongly dealing with on a daily basis it would mean that you have invested a great deal of energy to that story. When you dream about that issue you will find that those dreams are very bright. However when the dream is dark and without color it is often a precognitive dream or a situation now happening that you have not given your full awareness too s.
  • A bad dream is any dream which causes you distress, fear & worry. It is the inner mind telling you that there is something going on in your life which you absolutely must deal with. Whatever you do you should never ignore a bad dream. The issue could be dealing with your health, your relationships, your finance, etc. The level of fear you experienced in the dream is an indication of the effect the situation will have on you if you don’t immediately fix it. Your desire for the right dream analysis should always come with some action.
  • To fully benefit from dream analysis you have to be willing to incorporate the information you have gotten into your present life. After all whatever information you derive from your dreams it is to enhance or inform your present life. One thing you want to do is to create a dream journal. Dream journals help you in that over a series of days, weeks or even months you can get to see patterns in not only your dreams but the correlation with events in your life. Write out what you dreamed after you have gotten a clear analysis of the dream. You may even want to draw what you dreamed. Some analysis of your dreams can’t always be expressed in writing. Drawing it out can often give you a better understanding over all.
  • Go inside of your dreams and relive or re-experience them all over again. Doing that will help you in seeing more details that you may have previously overlooked. Not only that but you will find that the analysis of your dreams will become even deeper and far more insightful following this technique.
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