Relax, Relate, Meditate

Meditation has become trendy and popular by so many boasting about the serenity and peacefulness you feel when meditating effectively. The benefits of this thousand year old practice are truly limitless. Meditation originated eons ago from a need to deepen the understanding of the spiritual and unseen aspects of life. For this very reason meditation […]

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Spiritual Meditation

Originally spiritual mediation was an aspect of religious practice often giving enlightenment to the practitioner. It has come to the Western Hemisphere by way of the Far East mainly India, China and Japan. Spiritual Meditation can be found however throughout the world in various cultures as part of their practices as well. Although the origins […]

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Meditation for the Body, Mind and Soul

Meditation is an approach to training of the mind, meditation has so many wonderful advantages that can help improve your life. Some of the benefits include; reduce of stress, improving concentration, increases self-awareness and acceptance, and increased happiness and an overall calmness and relaxed state. Several meditation benefits include: Stress reduction Meditation allows people to […]

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Three Phases of Practicing Meditation

Thirty-five years ago, the idea of daily meditation seemed foreign to us. But today, it’s a normal part of our daily schedule, even if it means getting up thirty minutes earlier or skipping TV to do so. People of all walks of life practice meditation now, unlike in the past when it was mainly for […]

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The Visualization Meditation Technique

There are 5 categories of meditation: Concentration Meditation Reflective Meditation Mindfulness Meditation Heart-centered Meditation Creative Meditation Of these 5…this article will focus on the Mindfulness Meditation category: The Mindfulness Meditation is arguably one of the foremost and powerful meditation techniques. It places on cultivating a highly mindful and receptive attention towards any form of action […]

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