Aura Color Meanings

You are a living Rainbow, just like many of the non-physical messengers surrounding you as spiritual guides! Each color in your aura is the combination of the electro magnetic frequencies emanating from your body. Your aura field where all of the colors are constantly shifting and changing reveals to the fine tuned psychic eye, as […]

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The 3 Pillars of Success – The Next Great Advancement in Success Movement

The three pillars are a system that I have developed which comes from years of research & practice from Napoleon Hill’s teaching of the theory of success. Zig Zealar on his power to motivation mass group of people and Silver Raven Wolfe on her teachings of the mysticism and metaphysical practices. Each of their teachings […]

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Easy Way to Balance Your Chakras

Chakra balance isn’t something that is difficult and it actually is quite enjoyable.  Here we will teach you an easy way to balance your chakras.  The more you practice it, the more balanced your life will become as a whole. First let’s explore what chakras are: What are Chakras? Simplified, chakras are energy centers that […]

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